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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: redirect port 80 to application server
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 16:49:12 GMT
> From: Susan G. Conger []
> I have to have the Apache HTTP in front.  Don't want it there
> but it is required by the customer.

OK.  If it's *in front*, then you'll need httpd ("Apache HTTP") to proxy for you by some means.

> I say just use the port
> http://myserver:8080/webapp and you will get to the
> application server.

At that point httpd is not "in front" of Tomcat - Tomcat's serving the content directly to
the browser.  Is that acceptable to the client?

> They say we don't want to type in the port just make 80
> redirect to the application server port.

$customer needs to be clear what they want.  Do they want:

- The browser communicating via httpd to Tomcat for all requests;

- The browser communicating directly with Tomcat for Tomcat-related requests;

- Don't care as long as it works;

- Don't care as long as it adheres to our security policies?

> So, I am here trying to figure out
> the easiest way
> to redirect all traffic from 80 to 8080 and still have the
> apache running in
> front.  Should I use remote proxies?

The "classic" way of doing that is to use mod_jk in httpd, and an AJP connector in Tomcat.
 You don't specify which Tomcat version you're on, so it's kinda hard to point you to the
correct version of the docs for that :-).

                - Peter

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