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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Changing the Webapps directory
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 12:11:37 GMT
> From: Tobias Meissner []
> I just got a short question.
> In the context of an actual project it would be helpful to
> change the path
> of the webapps directory to some other location, e.g. network
> drive Z:\.
> We are currently using the Apache Tomcat version 6 on Windows XP.

Are you running Tomcat as a service?  If so, remember that mapped drives are per-user and
therefore the service won't pick up the drive.

As an aside, are you *absolutely sure* you want to use a network drive?  You will lose reliability
and add considerable overhead, especially as by default Tomcat rescans all its webapp directories
for changes every few seconds.  I'd strongly advise using local storage if at all possible,
even if that means adding disks to the Tomcat server.

                - Peter

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