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From "Remo Liechti" <>
Subject RE: How to prevent tomcat from restarting after hot code replacement?
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 06:00:49 GMT
Hi Chris,

|Remo Liechti wrote:
|| I have the problem that always when I start tomcat in debug mode, and

|| change some java files, tomcat restarts after some seconds after the 
|| code was replaced.

|Do you mean that your /webapp/ restarts? Tomcat should not restart
itself for any reason.
Yes, it restarts /webapps

|| How can this be turned off?
|The best you can do is to turn off auto-reload.
Where do I turn of auto reload? Will class files still be published to
tomcat after they changed?

|| I just want my code to be hot deployed and not restarting tomcat.
|You cannot do this unless you hack Tomcat or your webapp to re-load
class files when they change.
Well, using the MyEclipse bundle it works! But not using WTP standard?


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