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From Martin Grüneberg <>
Subject Problem with tomcat behind IIS and modjk using integrated windows authentication
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 07:43:14 GMT

I developed a webapplication with tomcat 6.0.14 behind IIS 6 (IIS5 isolation mode) using modJK
(1.2.25) and integrated wíndows authentication.
I configured IIS and modJK following the descriptions in the connectors documentation.
For most of the users (~70%) it works without problems. The rest always gets "service unavailable"
from IIS. Other ASP Applications which are using integrated windows authentication work for
the affected users. 
I looked in the log files of IIS and modJK and found nothing.
I think it must have something to do with the "windows profile" because when we delete the
"windows profile"
of the user (c:\Documents and Settings\<user>) and recreate it then all works well for
this user.
We don't no why this happens, we can't see a difference between working profiles and not working
ones e.g. the IE settings are the same. 
The problem is we can not kill and recreate all the profiles of the affected users.

Thanks in advance, 

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