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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5 and keep-alive and http connector
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 12:19:17 GMT

On 02/04/2008, at 6:02 PM, Andrew Miehs wrote:
> On 02/04/2008, at 5:51 PM, Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>>> It appears that the chart at the bottom of the above page answers  
>>> your
>> question, unless I'm misreading it.  Since there is no NIO  
>> connector in
>> 5.5, it looks like you'll need a very large maxThreads value or set  
>> up
>> the APR connector (or move to Tomcat 6, which is what I'd do).

Put another way:

Does tomcat

a) Assign a connection to a single thread and only use this thread for  
the connection until the connection is closed?


b) Assign a request to a thread, and return the thread back to a  
controlling thread on completion of the request?

My understanding is that the answer is 'A' except for the case of NIO  
and Tomcat 6.

BTW: The last thing I heard is that APR is still recommended for  
performance and stability over TC 6 NIO - or
do you have any newer info?


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