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From Abraham Iglesias <>
Subject Re: tomcat disappearing...
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 14:11:58 GMT
Hi Mark,
thanks for your reply.

My linux boxes have 4GB RAM available and there is no trace about a out 
of memory error. In fact, i run 7 tomcats instances on different ports 
on the same machine. However it is always the same one who disappears 
... quite weird. I can't see anything in /var/log/messages nor 
catalina.out indeed.

Any other clue? :S

Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate. :)


Mark H. Wood escribió:
> First guess: the Linux "OOM killer".  When memory gets desperately
> tight, the kernel picks a victim process and terminates it to recover
> some memory.  Large processes lacking controlling terminals, such as
> Tomcat, tend to be the preferred victims.  Check your OS log files to
> see if there are signs of severe memory pressure.  You could also
> investigate by experiment:  try to provide a lot more swap space and
> see if the problem is alleviated.
> If this is it, the real cure is more memory.

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