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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: Bending Jasper to My Will
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 17:48:39 GMT

I've followed this thread with a some interest because it ties up with 
some things I've done in the past. I think you are trying to use a 
technology in an inappropriate way to solve the wrong problem.

Correct me if I am wrong but you want to have a level of configuration 
which is more than just appearance.

You want to:

1. be able to add/remove features from a particular page
2. be able to reorder features

Is that correct?

The next thing which isn't clear to me is at who will choose the feature 
set. Is this going to be a runtime thing or a startup configuration 
thing? Will your end-users be able to configure things or will it be the 
result of specific programming work?

Alan Chaney

Andy Clark wrote:
> Lucas wrote:
>>   To answer the original question, there is a 
>  > mechanism that Tomcat provides to handle the
>  > specific thing you want to achieve. The solution
>  > is very Tomcat specific, so I do not really
>  > recommend it, anyhow, if you really _need_to_have
>  > _this_ then the way to achieve it is the following:
>> [...]
> Thanks for the suggestion but I think I am out
> of luck because we're using a different web
> container. Even though there's a ton of different
> web containers, they all seem to use Jasper so
> that's where I was attempting to tackle the
> problem.
> But, referring to your specific suggestion, I
> wonder if there would be a problem. When I was
> browsing the Jasper source, I noticed that it
> caches the resolved JSP/tag files. Which means
> that if I only change the resolution mechanism,
> it won't work. Because unless I am also able to
> modify the cache ID, then whichever source file
> is resolved first for a specific JSP/tag, then
> that one will be cached and be returned the next
> time it's referenced, even if the user's skin is
> different. (If that makes any sense.)
>> PS: This will make yous web app not 100% standard,
>  > and if you have to migrate this behavior to other
>  > web containers, it might get trickier, so be sure
>  > that you really need this.
> Understood. Which is also why I'm hoping that
> the Jasper developers would be open to patches
> that allow it to be extended in this way.
>> Ahh, just one more thing, do not even try to
>  > modify Jasper itself unless you know what you
>  > are doing; Most people experimenting with
>> Jasper end up in nothing.
> That way leads madness. Got it. :)
> -AndyC
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