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From Andy Clark <>
Subject Re: Bending Jasper to My Will
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 17:32:19 GMT
Lucas wrote:
>   To answer the original question, there is a 
 > mechanism that Tomcat provides to handle the
 > specific thing you want to achieve. The solution
 > is very Tomcat specific, so I do not really
 > recommend it, anyhow, if you really _need_to_have
 > _this_ then the way to achieve it is the following:
> [...]

Thanks for the suggestion but I think I am out
of luck because we're using a different web
container. Even though there's a ton of different
web containers, they all seem to use Jasper so
that's where I was attempting to tackle the

But, referring to your specific suggestion, I
wonder if there would be a problem. When I was
browsing the Jasper source, I noticed that it
caches the resolved JSP/tag files. Which means
that if I only change the resolution mechanism,
it won't work. Because unless I am also able to
modify the cache ID, then whichever source file
is resolved first for a specific JSP/tag, then
that one will be cached and be returned the next
time it's referenced, even if the user's skin is
different. (If that makes any sense.)

> PS: This will make yous web app not 100% standard,
 > and if you have to migrate this behavior to other
 > web containers, it might get trickier, so be sure
 > that you really need this.

Understood. Which is also why I'm hoping that
the Jasper developers would be open to patches
that allow it to be extended in this way.

> Ahh, just one more thing, do not even try to
 > modify Jasper itself unless you know what you
 > are doing; Most people experimenting with
> Jasper end up in nothing.

That way leads madness. Got it. :)


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