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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: %3B in path-info
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 18:33:04 GMT
Jess Holle schrieb:
> We have some servlets that take rather general path-info's.  When these 
> include a /properly escaped /semicolon, invoking getPathInfo() in Tomcat 
> results in a truncated path info.
> Is this a known bug?
> For example, one might have the request
> http://myhost/mywebapp/servlet/myservlet*/pathcomp1/pathcomp2/foo%3Bbar*?spaz=bot 
> The expected result of getPathInfo() is
>    /pathcomp1/pathcomp2/foo%3Bbar
> The actual result in Tomcat is:
>    */pathcomp1/pathcomp2/foo
>    *
> Note that the %3B is already converted into a ";" character in the 
> results of getRequestURI()...
> This certainly would appear to be a bug in /something/.  Or is this a 
> bug or misconfiguration in mod_proxy_ajp or some such?

So are you saying, that th request goes through httpd/mod_proxy or 
mod_jk? If so, you should first test with direct request, so that we 
know, where we have to look for the problem.

With mod_jk there were a couple of encoding changes and the latest 
versions without a forwarding JkOption I think decodes the semicolon 
before forwarding, because the AJP connector does not decode before 
looking for the jsessionid.



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