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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: tomcat cache wierd behaviour
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 19:49:35 GMT
Winscp isn't a command line tool -- it's one of those GUI enabled 
transfer tools with the split panels.  Think of something more along the 
lines of Explorer or Norton Commander -- the two interfaces styles 
available from winscp out of the box.  By default it set's the date/time 
of the recently sent file to the client's date/time so it can implement 
a synchronize feature.  I changed the settings in mine to prevent this 
because my server time would float a little between ntp updates.  Tomcat 
wouldn't see the updates until a couple of minutes after I uploaded them. 

Issues of times on the remote system being off by an hour are discussed 
on the winscp website (as the OP described in his example in the 
original post):

The setting to preserve timestamps on uploads can be changed: -- here you can see the checkbox 
labeled "Preserve timestamp" in the screenshot, far right side under 


Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> David,
> David Smith wrote:
> | I've seen some transfer clients (like winscp) default to setting the
> | date/time on the remote copy the same as the local.
> If 'winscp' acts anything like UNIX scp, then the default mode is to set
> the modification time on the destination to the destination's current
> date (basically, 'touch' the file upon creation). The "-p" switch allows
> you to preserve the existing modification time of the source file, so
> that the destination matches the source after the copy. It's unclear how
> different time zones are handled.
> I would check to see what 'winscp' does by default. You probably want
> any files you copy to your server to be date-stamped with the current
> date on the server, rather than preserving the source file's
> modification time.
> The OP never mentioned what the timezone was on the source machine, only
> the destination (CEST, UTC +2).
> - -chris
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