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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Tomcat 5.5 and keep-alive and http connector
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 15:26:40 GMT
Dear List,

How does enabling keep-alives effect the number of threads required by  

    maxKeepAliveRequest = -1
    1000 online users - each with 2 connections

Does this mean that I will have 2000 threads open - one per connection?
ie: Is the the connection assigned a thread until the connection is  
Or are the connections only assigned to the thread during the request  

The only thing I could find related to this was from the Tomcat 6.0  
documentation on

> ...
> Each incoming request requires a thread for the duration of that  
> request. If more simultaneous requests are received than can be  
> handled by the currently available request processing threads,  
> additional threads will be created up to the configured maximum (the  
> value of the maxThreadsattribute). If still more simultaneous  
> requests are received, they are stacked up inside the server socket  
> created by the Connector, up to the configured maximum (the value of  
> the acceptCount attribute. Any further simultaneous requests will  
> receive "connection refused" errors, until resources are available  
> to process them.
Although there is no mention here of 'connections' - or is this  
specific to the NIO modification for the tomcat 6 connector?

Thanks for any help,



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