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Subject RE: Solaris 10 Tomcat performance maxes out at 2 threads
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 03:42:49 GMT
             Charles R"                                                    
             <Chuck.Caldarale@                                          To 
   >               "Tomcat Users List"                 
             03/25/2008 11:27                                           cc 
                                       RE: Solaris 10 Tomcat performance   
             Please respond to         maxes out at 2 threads              
               "Tomcat Users                                               

>> From: []
>> Subject: Solaris 10 Tomcat performance maxes out at 2 threads
>> We see throughput increase when we go from 1 client thread to
>> 2 client threads, but when we run more than 2 threads we see
>> no additional throughput.
> First off, does your client support more than two connections to the
> same server?  If your client is an untweaked version of IE or Firefox,
> it doesn't.
> Secondly, you may well have some contended resource in your application
> that limits concurrency, such as number of data base connections, data
> base record locks, overly coarse synchronization, etc.  Try profiling
> the app and see where threads are getting stuck.  Also might try
> cranking up the number of concurrent client requests and running jstack
> (a JDK tool) against Tomcat to see where the request processing threads
> are sitting.

1. The client is a custom application that we can set to spawn threads
according to a parameter that we set on the command line. I've kicked
off up to 40 threads each with its own connection to Tomcat.

2. The application preloads data from its database upon start up. It does
write information to our database on a per transaction basis, perhaps
this is where resource contention is occurring. I agree that profiling is
the next step.

I have a poor understanding of how Tomcat spawns/manages threads. Perhaps
I missed the appropriate documentation on this... Any clue to a good
resource about thread management.

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