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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Re: best option Load Balancing
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 06:34:32 GMT
On 25/03/2008, at 6:47 AM, karthikn wrote:
> Users 500+ ( Traffic  increasing day by day )

You mentioned these were WLAN users - This number is irrelevant for  
your performance
info  - what was much more important was the 25/ 30 logins per second.

> O/s Unix 11
> JSDK  =1.6
> TOMCAT 5.5.23 (multiple)

Multiple tomcats on the same machine or not? running 2 tomcats with  
the same app on the
same machine will NOT make it quicker, unless you have written the  
whole thing single threaded.
Should this be the case, I would suggest go back and look at the code  
- if you can.

The question is how fast is your machine.... Most modern hardware  
should be able to deal with this
load easily.

Have a look at

This should give you a good start in answering your questions.


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