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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: issue:reading the constant variables from txt/properties file
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2008 13:25:05 GMT
Nilesh Yadav wrote:
> can anyone suggest me regarding the following issue.
> it's urgent.
You only need to post your message once. We all saw it the first time and 
don't want/need the spam of a duplicate message.

> environmental situation:
> I am working on the hyperion portal HS9; here on this server Two
> tomcats(both of :5.0.28) are present;
5.0.28 is a) really old, b) has lots of unpatched security issues and c) is 
not supported. You need to move to at least 5.5.x and ideally 6.0.x

> issue:
In summary. On test server changes to take effect after a 
Tomcat restart but in production (distributed servers) you have to 
re-compile the applications.

> here other prod server ProdServerB is considered as virtual for my
> application & i have deploy my application only on prodserverA
> i don't know whether it is because of distributed environment/not?
This is not standard Tomcat functionality. Something else is providing this 
for you.

> do not the exact cause
> can anyone tell/help me, why this is happening like this???
No idea. I suspect it is related to what ever third party tool is 
responsible for making server B appear to be virtual.

> please send me the solution/suggestion regarding this ???
Talk to the supplier of your virtualisation software. This doesn't appear t 
be a Tomcat issue.


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