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From Tom van Wietmarschen <>
Subject Re: The troubles with tribes
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2008 10:38:51 GMT
Tom van Wietmarschen wrote:
> Filip Hanik - Dev Lists wrote:
>>> The biggest issue I have is that I keep getting
>>> memberAdded/memberDisappeared events from the same member. I've made a
>>> small test app (based on the example on the Tribes introduction page)
>>> that I run on a client PC and a similar implementation that I start
>>> from a ServletContextListener. The client app creates a group, starts
>>> it, sends a message and then quits. I get the memberAdded event, then
>>> the message, and then a memberGone, memberAdded,memberGone, etc. until
>>> the client has died.
>> what is your config? could be a simple mistake.
> (...)
> Can you tell me how I should configure this ? I'll have a look around
> the source in the mean time to see if I can figure this out myself.
I got the problem fixed, I tested it on several machines and only one of 
them was failing, the rest worked as expected. After adding some more 
debug output I noticed that alle the machines that worked correctly 
showed up with their hostname in the memberAdded event, the machine that 
didn't work only showed by IP adress. Turns out NetBios was disabled on 
that machine. Apparently some kind of reverse-lookup is required for 
this to work and it used netbios on Win32. I'm guessing that on Linux 
this will just do a reverse DNS lookup ?


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