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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: post data lost when redirecting from http to https
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 15:00:01 GMT
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Peter Crowther wrote:
|> From: Christopher Schultz []
|> Tomcat goes out of its way to save the POST body. Here's the code
|> from FormAuthenticator
| [elided]
|> This method is called before the login form is shown. Note the
|> special case for POST requests.
| This is purely for forms authentication, i.e. where Tomcat is logging
| the user in.  The OP didn't state either way about forms
| authentication, and I suspect isn't using it.
| This code is not used in other cases, for example when merely
| redirecting a user to a confidential (i.e. SSL) resource.

Boy is my face red ;) I was thinking this was an authentication
boundary, not a protocol boundary. You are absolutely right: this is a
simple redirect.

Interestingly enough, the servlet specification says nothing about how
to actually handle a request that does not meet the requirements of a
transport-guarantee. In securityfilter, we mimic Tomcat 5.5's behavior,
which is to simply redirect (most often a 302... depends on the
implementation of HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect) to the same URL that
was originally requested (which results in dropping any POST content).

- -chris
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