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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp - encryption benefits?
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 17:16:24 GMT
James Ellis schrieb:
> I know that mod_jk is the battle tested connector between Apache and
> Tomcat, but as I understand it the SSL connection generally
> terminates at the Apache web server and the traffic between Apache
> and Tomcat (to the AJP connector) is unencrypted.  Two questions:
> 1) Does mod_proxy_ajp provide for any encryption between the web
> server and the app server (Tomcat) that mod_jk does not?

No, the AJP13 protocol does not support encryption. Both connectors use 
the same protocol. If you need to use encrypted traffic with AJP13, you 
could tunnel through an encrypted channel.

 > 2) If the
> answer to number 1 above is "NO".  Is it possible to keep the server
> certificates on the app servers and so that the connection from the
> client to the app server is encrypted all the way through?  In this
> case the apache web server would simply function as a load
> balancer/failover solution.

Again no. We are talking about a reverse proxy situation and as far as I 
know, you can't reverse proxy https without having an ssl endpoint on 
the apache httpd.

For a normal (forward) proxy, httpd supports connect, but I don't know 
how well this works in the real world.

You could also ask on the httpd users list, maybe they know better.

> Thanks, Jim



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