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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Problems Configuring SSL / JSSE
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 03:54:09 GMT
> From: Chad Lehman [] 
> Subject: RE: Problems Configuring SSL / JSSE
> INFO: The Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal 
> performance in production environments was not found on the 
> java.library.path...

Good; that means APR really isn't installed.

> Otherwise, the logs don't appear to be generated when Tomcat 
> is run from Eclipse. 

They're generated, but they may be well hidden.  Try running Tomcat by
itself, not under Eclipse; sometimes IDEs create more confusion than
they're worth.

> INFO: Starting Coyote HTTP/1.1 on http-443
> Mar 1, 2008 8:19:35 PM org.apache.jk.common.ChannelSocket init

The associated timestamp line actually precedes the INFO, WARNING, etc.,
line, so you've actually got pieces of two separate log entries there.
It does indicate that port 443 is active.

> When I browse jasper.jar, I see that org.apache.jk is an 
> empty package. Could that be a problem?

No, and jasper.jar has nothing to do with Tomcat operating as a server;
it's only for compilation of JSP files.  

> Additionally, I tried to put "import org.apache.jk.server;"
> into a dummy servlet

You're off in the weeds here.  The jk module is used for communication
between httpd (which you don't have or need) and Tomcat itself.  In
fact, you should probably comment out the AJP <Connector>, normally on
port 8009 - you won't be using it, and it just consumes resources
(albeit not much).

Clean things up, run Tomcat by itself, and see what happens.  Look in
the logs for any problems.

 - Chuck

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