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From "Aseem Rastogi" <>
Subject RE: Deployment options (earlier: Context Descriptor file not created)
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 18:41:16 GMT
Thanks for your quick reply.

Why a local copy would be created when trying to deploy directly and not
when trying to deploy through Context Descriptor file is beyond my
understanding. Note that I am using <deploy> task in both cases. In first
case I use localWar attribute of <deploy> task, in 2nd case I use config
attribute of <deploy> task.

Since you find it expected and understandable, I would be thankful to you if
you can point me to some documentation of manager ant tasks and context
descriptor file. I googled for this but couldn't find anything good enough
to clear my doubts.

Although I have found a way to get things going but I would like to
understand all this more clearly.



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From: Caldarale, Charles R [] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 11:04 PM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: RE: Deployment options (earlier: Context Descriptor file not

> From: Aseem Rastogi [] 
> Subject: Deployment options (earlier: Context Descriptor file 
> not created)
> I have exploded directory structure under build/ 
> directory. Now, when I deploy this directly using 
> <deploy> ant task, I see that tomcat creates a
> copy of directory structure under its webapps/<path> 
> directory.

No, Tomcat doesn't, your <deploy> task does.  This is what it's defined
and documented to do.

> When I do some changes to lets say a jsp file under build/
> directory, this doesn't reflect in tomcat because there are
> no changes in corresponding file in webapps/<path> directory.

Perfectly understandable and completely expected.  Did you think that
Tomcat would magically remember where a completely independent process
copied something from?

> I repeated same experiment but this time created a context.xml
> file for my application under conf/Catalina/localhost directory.
> docBase in context.xml was given path to build/ directory. This
> time tomcat didn't create any copy of build/ directory in its
> webapps directory and also changes to JSP reflected immediately.

Also understandable, expected, and documented.

> So, my question is what is the role of Context Descriptor file ? Does
> manager application require this for correct (or expected) behavior ?

No, a <Context> element is not required unless your webapp has some
non-standard attributes that Tomcat needs to be aware of.  Most webapps
do not need one.

 - Chuck

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