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From Mick Semb Wever <>
Subject FileDirContext fails to immediately recognise new files
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 21:30:09 GMT

My application writes new files out into the container's webapps/ROOT/ 

But servletContext.getResource(..) returns null if it is called too 
quickly after the file has been created.

This can be debugged all the way down to FileDirContext simply not 
finding the file. Funny when "new File("new-file").exists()" always 
returns true for me immediately after i've created the file. i *am* using 
a FileChannel and calling force(true) to finish with.

Does FileDirContext have some "checkInterval" attribute, similar to how 
JspServlet, that specifies how long it takes before new files are 


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