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From "Randy Paries" <>
Subject Clustering problem with one box out of three
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 17:36:46 GMT
I have posted this problem before , but have made some headway but i
am still having problems.
I will try to describe this a briefly as possible but give enough info
needed to help

Some basic info:
3 Linux boxes
Tomcat 5.5.15

Box1 and Box2 are one public Class C
Box3 is on a seperate Class C

all three are on the same lan. Each have two nic cards. All three are
connected via a GB network with 192.168.0.x ips

It seems that only the boxes that are on the same class C can see each
other.  Before last night Box2 and Box3 were on the same C class and
Box1 would get the message

INFO: Manager []: skipping state transfer. No members active in cluster group.

So last night i had to move Box2 to the same Class C as Box1 , so now
Box1 and Box2 are seeing each other and now Box3 is getting the

INFO: Manager []: skipping state transfer. No members active in cluster group.

All three Boxes have the following in the server.xml



So this is why i am confused. Does this not make the server broadcast
and listen on the 198???

what is more confusing is in the log files of one of the working boxes i see
INFO: Send stats from [,001], Nr of bytes
sent=45,888,271 over 36,700 = 1,250 bytes/request, processing time 0
msec, avg processing time 0 msec

So i assume it is broadcasting on the 192.168 network.

Also just for fun, i installed a UDP-ping and made sure i could
udp-ping everybody

So i am at a complete loss.

Any ideas?

Sorry for such a long post


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