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From "Hitesh Raghav" <>
Subject RE: JASPER libraries incompatibilities
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 02:02:05 GMT
Thank you very much Chris for providing detailed analysis about my
We'll start auditing our tag library.

Is there any URLs about these backward incompatibilities (i.e.
Servlet/JSP specs backward incompatibilities)?


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Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 9:11 PM
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Subject: Re: JASPER libraries incompatibilities

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Hitesh Raghav wrote:
| I've web-app developed to run with Tomcat 4.2. It used to work 
| perfectly fine with Tomcat 4.2.

4.2? I don't think there was ever a Tomcat 4.2. Do you mean 4.1?

| When same web-app is deployed on Tomcat v5.5.x or v6.0.y, it fails by 
| throwing NullPointerException.

Tomcat 4.1 had a lot of ... let's say "wiggle-room" when it comes to
either violating the Servlet Specification. Later versions are much more
strict when it comes to following the rules.

You probably want to audit your tag library to see if it is compatible
(if it is a 3rd-party library) or review your own code (if this was an
in-house tag library) to see if you have done something potentially

| It works perfectly fine, when we replace JASPER libraries from Tomcat
| v4.2 (from <apache-tomcat>\common\lib folder).

Don't do that. It will cause you nothing but trouble. Jasper wasn't
designed (I don't think) to be moved between versions of Tomcat. You are
likely to have more problems down the road if you attempt to run the
Jasper from TC 4.1 on TC 5.5 or 6.0.

- -chris

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