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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Apache Tomcat takes 3 to 4 browser request clicks to "wake up" after being idle for 1-2 hours
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 14:55:21 GMT
> From: Brian Le []
> So how do I make Tomcat responsive to website visitors after
> 1-2 hours of no visitors?

> Web server setup:
> Suse Linux 10.3 - text based, minimal install
> Apache 2.2.8 - mpm_worker, compiled front end using mod_jk
> 1.2.26 Tomcat connector, default configuration
> Tomcat 6.0.16 - JSF 1.2
> JDK 1.6.0_04 - 1.5gig heap

Run vmstat (or your preferred performance monitor) on the box (vmstat 1 might be appropriate
for you).  Leave it idle.  Watch vmstat as the box "wakes up" Tomcat.  What's happening -
disk i/o?  CPU?  Paging traffic?

My first guess is that some other process has caused large chunks of Tomcat's heap to be paged
out, and the delay is due to paging issues.  If you use a back-end database, this could also
happen to the database.

                - Peter

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