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From John Pye <>
Subject HOWTO: install a Tomcat web application on Fedora 7 [was: ...]
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 00:08:17 GMT
Here are some instructions that hopefully will be of use to future users:

   1. To install tomcat on Fedora 7, just run "yum install tomcat5
      tomcat5-webapps tomcat5-admin-webapps".
   2. Your configuration files are in /etc/tomcat5. You may need to edit
      server-minimal.xml to set the port that Tomcat listens on. You
      will need to edit the file tomcat-users.xml and add a user with
      the role 'manager' if you want to be able to use the Tomcat
      Manager application.
   3. You can start and stop Tomcat by running '/etc/init.d/tomcat5
      start' (or stop,restart, etc).
   4. Any Tomcat web application that you want to serve should be
      dropped into /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/
   5. You can view your Tomcat website via

This webpage had some good instructions:

I have often felt that Java developers, with their 'completely platform
independent' system don't acknowledge that platform-specific knowledge
is often a barrier to getting those Java applications up and running.
The above steps make maximum use of the packaging work that Fedora and
JPackage maintainers have done, and made this job very much easier for
me than downloading the platform independent packages and working out
their particular conventions etc.


David Smith wrote:
> Tomcat itself is pure java and completely platform independent -- no
> need to build from source at all.  Just download it from the tomcat
> website and expand it in your system to install it.  It can go pretty
> much anywhere in the file system and still work.  I would highly
> recommend you get a real Java JVM from Sun and make sure your system
> isn't going to try to use gnu java or one of those other open source
> java distribution.  Those open source java's are alright for desktop
> apps, but don't work well enough for tomcat.
> You could use the pre-package version of tomcat available with your
> Fedora system, but a lot of people have problems with those distro
> packages.  They want to do complicated symlinks schemes to insure
> there's only ever one copy of any given jar and that typically breaks
> tomcat.
> --David
> John Pye wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I have a pre-written Tomcat application that I would like to install on
>> my Fedora 7 server. There are binaries for Tomcat available for this
>> linux distro, so theoretically I assume it should be possible to run a
>> Tomcat instance on this platform without having to compile Tomcat from
>> sources. I'm not a java expert though, so I don't really know where to
>> start with that.
>> The application that I'm trying to install is called actiTIME and its
>> installation instructions are here:
>> Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
>> Cheers
>> JP
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