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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Using mod_jk with other Java programs
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 22:54:44 GMT
Hi Daniel,

mod_jk uses a special protocol to talk to the backend server. It's 
called AJP13. Several backends implement the protocol, e.g. Tomcat, 
Jetty, Glassfish, JBoss, Geronimo (I guess because it includes Tomcat or 

If you are looking for a simple solution, you might also just use Apache 
2.2 with mod_proxy(_http), so talking HTTP to the backend.

The strengths of mod_jk come into play, if you want to do loadbalancing 
and online administration, e.g. when you have a couple of nodes and a 
non-trivial topology.

Whatever you combine with mod_rewrite, don't overlook brien's advice 
about the P resp. PT flag of RewriteRules.



Daniel Winterstein schrieb:
> Is it possible to use mod_jk to get the Apache2 web server to forward 
> web requests to programs other than Tomcat?
> E.g. can be set to point to a non-Tomcat program? If 
> so, what would that program have to do to interpret the incoming 
> requests? Are the requests still in http form, or have they been 
> partially parsed and altered?
> I'm currently using mod_rewrite, but this achieves a redirect via the 
> client, rather than a hidden forward. A hidden forward would prevent 
> 'ugly' urls appearing, and (I think) be faster.
> Thank you for any help,
> - Daniel

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