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From Peter Stavrinides <>
Subject Configuring the manager application for Tomcat 6
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2008 14:38:55 GMT
Hi all,

This may be a trivial problem for most, but here goes... I am upgrading 
my Tomcat 5 server to Tomcat 6, which has gone pretty smoothly except 
for one problem with the manager application.

A copy of the manager application is running on my server instance, I am 
also using a JDBC realm with basic authentication to authenticate for 
the manager application. The caveat is that I require the postgres 
driver on my classpath, so I placed it in $CATALINA_BASE/lib but the 
manager app  still can't authenticate and I get JDBC related errors in 
the logs (it can't find the driver?), but when I place the driver in 
$CATALINA_HOME/lib instead everything works.

Ideally I don't want to mix proprietary libraries with the Tomcat 
libraries in $CATALINA_HOME/lib, I would like to leave the default 
binaries alone to simplify upgrades, everything should be run in my 
instance. So I need to find out how to configure the manager application 
to look in the correct place for the driver. I realize that there have 
been major changes to the classloader, and I have also seen the 
documentation for configuring <GlobalNamingResources> and realize this 
might be what I need, is it? If so how do I configure a <Resource> for 
my JDBC realm and driver. Why is it that placing the library in 
$CATALINA_HOME/lib just works? and the manager app knows how to find it 

Thanks a lot for your help,

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