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From Diego Rodríguez Martín <>
Subject Manager undeploy task only stops webapp
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 15:31:12 GMT

    I'm using manager in Tomcat 6.0.16 throught ant task (1.6.5) to 
undeploy webapps. I have copied the new catalina-ant.jar in ANT_HOME/lib 

    The problem is that now the application is stopped instead of 
undeployed though the output message is "undeployed app at context 
/xxxxxx". I then use list task and my webapp is in status stopped. If I 
execute again the undeploy task, the output message is again "undeployed 
app at context /xxxxxx" but this time the webapp is undeployed and not 
listed anymore. It seems like the task is undeploying in two steps. I 
have been using the undeploy task since 4.1.27 version and the task 
never behaved that way. I have search the docs and there is no info 
about any change in 6.0.16 (6.0.14 is ok)

    Are there any undocumented changes in 6.0.16 or is it a malfunction?

Diego Rodríguez Martín
ALTIRIA TIC - Servicios SMS - Desarrollo Web
Tel. +34 913311198 - Fax +34 915713993 - Móvil +34 610299750

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