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From Terence Kent <>
Subject servlet mapping question(I believe)
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2008 18:19:17 GMT
Hello all,

I am new to tomcat and running into a problem that I am unable to  
resolve. I don't know all the correct vocabulary to use here, so bare  
with me as I attempt to describe the problem I'm running into. Here  

In a nutshell:
All requests to:

get forwarded correctly to the servlet running in ${APP_BASE} until a  
directory named ${APP_BASE}/foo exists. Once a directory named $ 
{APP_BASE}/foo exists (and can be empty), no requests of the form  
above will get sent to the correct (in this case only) servlet. I  
simply get a 404 error as a response.

The details:
I believe this issue has to do with how tomcat maps a request to a  
servlet, but have no idea of what I'm doing wrong. My research online  
of sun's servlet spec and the tomcat website hasn't provided me a  
solution (or has and I haven't recognized it :-P). Here is my  
server.xml configuration:

<Server port="8005" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">
<Service name="Tomcat-Page">
		<Connector port="8010" enableLookups="false"/>

		<Engine name="Page" defaultHost="">

			<Host name="" appBase="/opt/path/to/webapps/page"  
unpackWARs="false" autoDeploy="true">

				<Context path=""
						 cookies="false" >



And the web.xml configuration in /opt/path/to/webapps/page/WEB-INF/:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE web-app
   PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.2//EN"

   <display-name>Page Application</display-name>



My understanding from this configuration is that all requests on port  
8010, that end with the extension .ext should be forwarded to the  
servlet "mycompany". From what I've read, any paths created in the $ 
{APP_BASE} directory should be irrelevant in this mapping and all  
logic comes from the web.xml file. My understanding appears to be  
wrong and I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right  

Side Note:
This issue does not occur when hosted on windows for some reason, just  
when on linux and Mac OS X.

Thank you in advance!
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