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From Holger Burde <>
Subject deploy/undeploy probs with 6.0.14
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2008 13:59:42 GMT

I have some problems to deploy/undeploy a jsf 1.2 application to  
tomcat 6.0.15. The usual way does not  work.

To undelpoy i have to

1 from tomcat manager stop the app
2 undeploy (if i use list apps after that step the app is still listed  
- the myapp dir in webapps is still there)
3 restart tomcat (now the app is gone from webapps)

Sometimes i even have to repeat step 2-3 two times. deploying the app  
without  restarting tomcat never worked but has to
(required for this project).

Deploying is similar hard  - mostly i need a tomcat restart because if  
i drop it or deploy via tomcat manager the app does not start  
correctly (state false / deployment error).

The application is about 21MB - the tomcat conf is pretty normal  
(almost unchanged).

Two simple hello world testapps i wrote work as expceted. they  
deploy / undeply as expected.

The application itself works ok if one gets beyound this hurdle.

Any hints or tips were to look for to solve that problem are welcome !

PS The webapp was build with netbeans6 / jsf 1.2  and tomcat 6.0.14  
used for development


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