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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject POJO Application Server - New release 1.0.4
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2008 17:02:42 GMT
As everyone knows by now, the POJO Application server is a new invention, it runs pure Java
applications, in contrast to just beans.
Its a mean powerful machine using pure Java as its specification, and what started as fun,
just hasnt stopped.

Whether its a typical biz type dB backed application, or a game, or an accounting package...
we stick everything on a POJO application server. 
Applications pop out of browsers, desktops, email... its endless.
The applications split, and just the UI side is sent to the browser or remote desktop... but
it still looks like a FULL Java Application to the user... its proving to be so lite, that
it just seems silly to use anything else when an application that you can build outside the
server, runs inside the server, and "flexes" into a Rich Internet Application all by itself,
from "pure" Java, no script, no other language, in fact we dont even think about it, it just

In this release we have tried to get the security right, and have come up with an innovative
way to try avoid having to sign applications before they can be delivered to remote machines.
Check it out, its called the Guard and gives the user XRay eyes, ie the user can check what
the application accesses... signed or not.

The Desktop is evolving and we have started to integrate it with Native desktops, currently
this is still only on windows. 
The idea is that because Harbor is a true POJO Application server, it can also list its applications.

This means that at its ultimate conclusion, one will simply look in their native file manager
for applications, and launch them... that we get very excited about because its the Java dream
come true. 
Put applications on a server in Japan, use them in the US like they where part of the machine...
the Desktop Application in Harbor is still young... but the idea of this plug in operating
system is already visible.

When we get the concept of the POJO application server perfected, a user will not even know
they running Java... thats the big big idea.
It so young and already making everything else out their look like complicated old fashioned
steam engines...
You write a normal application, apply the MVC model to it (very easy), then your application
kicks butt "everywhere"... it cant get easier than that.

Have Fun... we are...

The most powerful application server on earth.
The only real POJO Application Server.
Making the Java dream come true.
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