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From Haroon Rafique <>
Subject Re: SOLVED [ANN] Apache Tomcat JK 1.2.26 Web Server Connector released
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:23:50 GMT
On Yesterday at 11:58pm, RJ=>Rainer Jung <> wrote:

RJ> [..snip..]
RJ> The ugly: stricter handling of JkMount/JkMountFile etc. with respect 
RJ> to virtual hosts. It should have behaved for a long time in the way, 
RJ> that mounts are not inherited between virtual hosts and also not from 
RJ> the global server to any virtual host.
RJ> The debug log statement you cite indicates, that there is no mount 
RJ> known in a virtal host you are using.
RJ> So first question: Do you have an VirualHost in your apache httpd
RJ> configuration?

Hi Rainer,

Thanks for your response.

Your above question got me thinking and I said to myself, I don't have any 
VirtualHosts. And then, I remembered SSL. In my config for apache 2.2.6, 
there is an include for conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf and of course :443 is 
served via a VirtualHost.

RJ> If so: first find out, which VirtualHost handles your requests. This 
RJ> might be trivial, in some cases it is not trivial. If you are not 
RJ> sure, you can configure a different CustomLog in the global server and 
RJ> for wach VirtualHost and then check, in which CustomLog your request 
RJ> got logged.
RJ> Once you know, which VirtualHost handles your request, you can either:
RJ> - define all relevant JkMount/JkUnMount/JkMountfile in the VirtualHost
RJ> or
RJ> - define them globally and copy all of them into the VirtualHost by setting
RJ> "JkMountCopy On" inside the virtual host.
RJ> In case you have lots of VirtualHost and you want them all to share 
RJ> several JkMounts, put them into the global server and add "JkMountCopy 
RJ> all" to the global server.

If someone else is having the same problem, here's my solutions (for 
acrhiving purposes). I had an include in the main httpd.conf for 
conf/mod_jk.conf. I took the easy route and add JkMountCopy All to my 
conf/mod_jk.conf so that the SSL VirtualHost sees those mounts as well. I 
could have just as well used a JkMountCopy On inside the SSL VirtualHost 

RJ> I hope that is understandable?

Thanks again for your help.

RJ> Regards,
RJ> Rainer

Haroon Rafique

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