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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: Tomcat status 75 error
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2008 19:01:43 GMT

Good CallIf you can upgrade to TC 6 you can use this shared threadPool (being mindful that
you need to configure before Connector)
In any event the statement of taking tomcat out of the loop requires clarification
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Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 19:24:18 +0100> From:> To:>
Subject: Re: Tomcat status 75 error> > Hi Paul,> > Paul Beattie schrieb:> >
Hi,> > > > I have a series of relatively high transaction volume tomcat servers>
> which are sporadically hitting thread issues. We run with with tomcat> > 4.1.27
at the current time. The behaviour we notice is after several> > days of around one
hundred thousand transactions our tomcat instances> > hang with the catalina.out message
of:> > > > SEVERE: All threads are busy, waiting. Please increase maxThreads or>
> check the servlet status75 75> > Stopping service Tomcat-Standalone> > >
> I've done a quite a lot of reading on this and in some cases there is an> > indication
that moving to a later tomcat version alleviates the issue. > > However in many others
it indicates that this problem is due solely to> > the code whereby the threads are
not exiting cleanly. We have a classic> > 3-tier architecture and we can see the db
connections closing. I have> > tired reproducing this error on a tomcat 5 environment
and I get a> > similar but not identical error:> > > > org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.ThreadPool
logFull> > SEVERE: All threads (15) are currently busy, waiting. Increase> > maxThreads
(15) or check the servlet status> > If all threads are busy, you can do a thread dump
(kill -QUIT) for the> Java process to find out, what they are actually doing. The result
goes> into catalina.out. A thread dump contains the full stack for each thread> in the
JVM. The Java process will proceed with the usual work after> writing out the stacks. If
all threads are busy, either the load is> higher than expected, or the things your threads
are doing are running> slower than expected. In the stack you could see e.g. if threads
are> waiting for database results etc.> > The above message also indicates, that
you have only 15 threads> configured. It's quite possible, that this is a somewhat small
thread pool.> > B.T.W.: 4.1.27 is a little old. If you need to stick with 4.1, there
is> 4.1.36 already. I'm not saying, that an update will help, but it could> be a good
general cleanup thing.> > > The tomcat install continues to function correctly after
this has> > occurred. What I would like to know is do the 2 error messages> >
correspond to the same underlying issue. I strongly suspect it is an> > application
code issue so I would like to be able to count Tomcat out of> > the loop.> > >
> Thanks,> > > > Paul> > Regards,> > Rainer> > --------------------------------------------------------------------->
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