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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Socket Exception
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 16:30:48 GMT
> From: Nuno Manuel Martins []
> runIt
> SEVERE: Remote Host / SocketException: Connection reset
> Anyone on the list knows what this is, what might be causing
> it and how do I fix it?

The usual cause is that the browser's stopped a HTTP request part-way through, generally because
the user's navigated to another page before the first page has completely downloaded.  The
browser closes the connection, with the result that Tomcat gets an exception when it next
tries to write data to the socket.  Arguably it shouldn't be logged as a SEVERE error on production
systems, but getting that log message during development and stress testing can be very handy!

Fix it by any of the following (in increasing order of difficulty):

1) Ignore it (and change any log-reading scripts that look for SEVERE errors to ignore this

2) Grab the source for 5.0.28, find the line where this is logged and change the logging level
in the case of a connection reset error, then recompile Tomcat;

3) Educate your users that they are supposed to sit on their hands until the page has completely
loaded (by far the hardest ;-) ).

                - Peter

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