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From "Andrew Hole" <>
Subject Connection pooling
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2008 10:32:20 GMT

The following configuration was not supposed to be created 5
connections at first get connection execution?
My application with the following configuration creates always a new
session in the database for each invocation,
which is not to take advantage of pooling. Why?

<Context  docBase="F:/TOMCAT_UPG1_VIEWER/mni_ehrviewer"
reloadable="true" path="upg1ehr" >

	<Resource name="ehr" auth="Container" type="oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource"
	url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@server_name:1521:sid" user="user"
password="password" initialSize="5" maxActive="50" maxIdle="10"
minIdle="5" maxWait="-1" defaultAutoCommit="false"/>

	<Manager className="org.apache.catalina.session.StandardManager"
maxActiveSessions="-1" maxInactiveInterval="1800" pathname=""
processExpiresFrequency="6" />


Thanks a lot

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