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From Roger Holtom <>
Subject SSL enabling Tomcat app
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 16:43:23 GMT

I have an Apache server running (2.0.52) that I recently SSL enabled.  Test pages work great
with SSL or non-SSL.  We are running a Tomcat app called CAS, for Central Authentication Server.
 It runs fine over a non-SSL port.  Now I need to have the Tomcat app secured.  I'd prefer
to have Apache do the encryption/decryption, since it is already configured to do so, and
just pass the requests to/from the Tomcat app so I don't have to configure SSL on Tomcat.
 I'm experimenting with mod_jk to see if that will do what I want, but I'm not having any
luck.  Tomcat us 6,0.13 and Java is jre1.6.0_01. Ideally, the Tomcat app would run on 443.
 Thanks for any help or links to procedures for doing this!

Roger Holtom
Systems Administrator
University of Montana
Tel: 406-243-2486
Fax: 406-243-4500

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