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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: What is relation of JSESSIONID and HttpSession?
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 20:20:22 GMT
Always use httpSession *and* url rewriting together. The container takes 
care to track session either using url either using cookies, depending 
on client configuration. Whatever case, your code is the same, just do 
url rewriting everywhere you output links.

legolas a écrit :
> Hi
> Thank you for reading my post
> Can some one clear my doubt about this subject?
> - We can add some attribute to HttpSession in our servlet and then retrieve
> it when we need them from the session. This information are kept in the
> server. If this statement is correct, How does each session is bindded to a
> visitor?
Session id (cookie/url)
> -There is something named JSESSIONID which can be used, it will add only one
> parameter to the url named JSessionID. It can help to identify each session
> which is stored in  server memory is assigned to which client.
> Is it correct?
> I can not understand, do we use HttpSession and URL rewriting (this
> JSessionID thingy) together or we use JSessionID when we are sure that the
> visitor browser set cookie using to OFF.
You don't use JSESSIONID, the container manage it.
> Thanks

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