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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: sharing session cookies across sub-domains - how?
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 19:38:29 GMT
It's technically possible that cookies get shared accros domains, 
setting the cookie domaine to However, it will be of no 
help to you, because each subdomain runs it's own set of webapps in 
tomcat. The session can't be shared across webapps. If you need to 
shared datas with your subdomain, you would need a way to pass an 
identifier (a cookie) accross domains your self and get yourself shared 
datas from some common repository of data (a database for example).

As for just authentification, a valve like the signle sign on valve 
could be useful. But valves won't magically make your session datas shared.

Steve Parker a écrit :
> Guys,
> I am using several sub-domains that all point to the same app (they 
> cause different content to be displayed, depending on the 
> sub-domain).  For example, I have:
> ..etc...
> I need the session data to be shared across these subdomains, so that 
> when a user is clicking around the app, crossing across sub-domains, 
> they won't lose the session state (e.g., if they're logged in, etc).
> I understand that Tomcat uses session cookies to associate server 
> session with the client request.  And I understand that the default 
> behavior of this causes these session cookies to be specific to a 
> domain/sub-domain.
> My question:
> How can I make the session cookies get written so that they are 
> relevant to ALL sub-domains under the main domain.  I have read a few 
> things that say that if you set the domain of the cookie to be 
> "", it will be associated with all sub-domains of that 
> primary domain.  But, not sure how to do this since tomcat has some 
> built in way of setting these cookies...  I saw something with valves, 
> but need more info.
> Any help here, or suggestions for a different approach altogether for 
> sharing session state across sub-domains, would be very much appreciated.
> thx,
> steve
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