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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: comet end event
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 03:13:48 GMT
Peter Warren wrote:
>>> Could you indulge me and try the client with the sleep?
>> just did, worked exactly as before.
>> event: BEGIN, subtype: null
>> event: READ, subtype: null
>> Read 10 bytes: comet test for session: A01334D0AC22505DCD4B323820963FEC
>> read error
>> event: ERROR, subtype: TIMEOUT
> Hmm, not sure where to go from here then.  Here's my output:
> Jan 29, 2008 4:36:23 PM org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina start
> INFO: Server startup in 1173 ms
> event: BEGIN, subtype: null
> event: READ, subtype: null
> Read 10 bytes: comet test for session: CAF116EB9DF8BB1C5DD3170FC70F2394
> event: END, subtype: null
pretty sure you just got something wrong. we are even on the same 
platform (Win XP)
>> If you are unsure if you have messed up Tomcat binaries, then I would test this one
> I don't think it's bad binaries 'cause I've rebuilt a number of times,
> but I'm happy to give new binaries a try.  You're pointing to tomcat
> 5.5 binaries though -- I thought comet was a 6.0 feature.  Should I
> try the 5.5 binaries anyway?
total brain fart, no, the 5.5 binaries wont work, 6.0.16 is coming 
around the corner, at that point you can try those out.

>> yes, we are very aware that the sample code is not the best for getting
>> started, we are looking to replace it, but it takes time and resources.
> I didn't mean to be critical -- merely pointing out an area of
> confusion for me.  In fact, I thought the sample code was reasonably
> sufficient for me to get up and running.  My main issues were getting
> the client http chunking working properly.
hey, criticism is good, all feedback is good.
>> contributions always welcome!
> I'm pretty sure you don't want me writing the sample code! :)  I'm
> still learning here, but I hope that our dialog is a contribution of
> sorts.  As I mentioned before, my comet app is working fine using
> non-chunked httpurlconnections.  This end event issue is not a
> roadblock for me -- I'm pursuing it to help tomcat and tomcat users,
> and satisfy my own curiosity of course. :)  Hopefully others will
> learn from my misunderstandings, code snippets, etc.

all contributions, even discussions like this are always welcome, and 


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