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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: comet end event
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 22:47:43 GMT
Peter Warren wrote:
> Could you indulge me and try the client with the sleep?
just did, worked exactly as before.
event: BEGIN, subtype: null
event: READ, subtype: null
Read 10 bytes: comet test for session: A01334D0AC22505DCD4B323820963FEC
read error
event: ERROR, subtype: TIMEOUT
> I see the end event when there's a break/delay between sending a chunk
> and sending the last chunk.  It is legal http to send the last chunk
> separately from preceding chunks, isn't it?
>> getting a -1 on a is normal (even for a regular servlet).
> The "read error" indicates slightly more: that
> inputstream.isAvailable() is >0 and that returns
> -1.  Do I understand correctly in thinking that this -1 can indicate
> two different situations: 1) the client sent a last chunk; or 2) the
> client socket closed while the server was reading?
isAvailable is only there so that you don't have to block the thread.
ie, isAvailable()>0 means that the thread will return directly from a 
The return value of read(byte[]) is what you have to pay attention to, 
-1 does mean EOF (and if the transport is chunked, then yes, last chunk 
has been received)
I can't recall on top of my head, but a real read error, would generate 
an IOException during read(byte[])
> If the above is true, it might be nice to have a way to disambiguate
> the two situations.  Also, documentation-wise, it might be nice to
> comment the servlet code in
> to indicate that the
> -1 can occur on a last chunk as well as a read error.  
see above.
> As a new comet
> user, I incorrectly took your sample code block (in the aio doc page)
> below to mean that a -1 always indicated some kind of error:
> } else if (n < 0) {
>   error(event, request, response);
>   return;
> }
yes, we are very aware that the sample code is not the best for getting 
started, we are looking to replace it, but it takes time and resources. 
contributions always welcome!
> Thanks,
> Peter
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