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From david delbecq <>
Subject Re: Empty log files
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 21:51:14 GMT might be a good 
starting place. I don't know what logging configuration you have, but 
look like ou use some rolling file appender based on date pattern. It 
creates new files upon new dates. Change your logging configuration if 
you don't want rolling file.

If your problem is that ther should be something in those files, maybe 
you set the threshold level of information to high (crtitical only probably)
Jonathan Mast a écrit :
> Tomcat is generating a lot of empty log files of at least to types:
> manager.<date>.log  and
> host-manager.<date>.log
> I googled ["empty log files" tomcat] and did not find satisfactory answers
> (or any answers for that matter).
> thanks

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