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Subject Re: Cannot activate Tomcat Manager
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 18:16:23 GMT
Jonathan Mast wrote:
> I'm having trouble enabling the Manager webapp on Tomcat
> I've altered the server.xml and tomcat-users.xml files appropriately but
> when I type in I get an error saying the location
> doesn't exist.
> On my local Windoze machine, I've gotten the Manager app to work, it is on
> the Linux servers that I seem to have the problem.
> My guess is that it has to do with Apache, which isn't running on the
> Windows machine.  Do I need to edit Apache's configuration files to get the
> Manager to work as well?

Depends what ports you are running Tomcat and Apache on, if indeed you 
are running both.  If I guess that you're running Apache (HTTPD) on port 
80 and Tomcat (unaltered) on port 8080, then the manager app is 
available on:

If you have connecters (mod_jk, mod_proxy) set up on your Apache HTTPD, 
then you need to ensure that the appropriate (JkMount, ProxyPass) 
mappings are in place for each of the URLs you want Tomcat to process.

Can you elaborate on how whether you have both servers installed, and on 
which ports they are running?


> thanks,
> jhmast

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