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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Socket Exception
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 16:55:30 GMT
If it happens that often and you don't have a high traffic site, it 
might be a monitor script, that does only check if it can do a TCP 
connect and drop the connection before a full HTTP request-response 
cycle has finished.



Peter Crowther wrote:
>> From: Nuno Manuel Martins []
>> Ah... nothing else can be the cause of this?
> Anything that can cause a socket connection to fail or close before Tomcat's finished
writing to it.  But the most common cause is the user agent.
>> Asking because these aren't normal users for sure, must be
>> something automated since I'm getting some 50 messages a minute :(
> Add an AccessLogValve (if you haven't already) and review your access logs.  Or, if you
don't want to restart your production Tomcat instance, use a network sniffer such as Ethereal
or tcpdump and go hunting for the traffic - you have the remote IP address(es), so you should
be able to filter it reasonably effectively.  Is this coming from one particular IP, or many?
>                 - Peter

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