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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Advanced IO documentation in Tomcat 6 - Asynchronous writes
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 19:14:21 GMT
To help save someone else a bit of perplexity and confusion there 
appears to be a couple of slight errors in the Asynchronous writes 
section of the tomcat-6-0-doc/aio.html page.

>  Any servlet can instruct Tomcat to perform a sendfile call by setting the appropriate
response attributes. When using sendfile...

>     * org.apache.tomcat.sendfile.filename: Canonical filename of the file which will
be sent as a String
>     * org.apache.tomcat.sendfile.start: Start offset as a Long
>     * org.apache.tomcat.sendfile.start: End offset as a Long

1. You actually set REQUEST attributes not response attributes (as of 
course there is no such thing as a response attribute)

2. The 3rd attribute is of course org.apache.tomcat.sendfile.end

However the actual code works just fine and thats probably the most 
important bit!



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