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From Brantley Hobbs <>
Subject Servlet or filter (or valve) that acts like mod_jk
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 16:28:34 GMT

I have rather an odd situation that I'm hoping someone can give me some 
advice on.

Short version:
I need to know if there's a servlet, filter or valve that can be used to 
provide the same functionality as mod_jk does for Apache.  In other 
words, I want to map certain requests to a JK connector running on a 
different servlet container.

Long version:
I have a third-party web application deployed that generates some 
specific content (in this case maps).  For licensing reasons, I can only 
deploy this web application in a couple of places.

Now, our developers are all running tomcat locally.  Our applications 
that consume these maps embed them in iframes.  Of course, because of 
cross-domain security restrictions, javascript interaction between the 
two frames causes problems.  For security and ease-of-admin reasons, we 
don't want to install Apache/mod_jk locally.

What I would like is something that I can plug in to Tomcat to allow 
requests for this third party software to be passed off to a different 
servlet container.  If I can do this, then the cross-domain issue goes 
away completely (there's also a good shot at getting rid of the iframe 

I have found a couple of proxy servlets out there, but they seem 
somewhat limited (only process GET requests, etc).  My thought was that 
if there was a servlet that spoke JK, then you could simply map requests 
to that servlet through to the JK connector on another servlet 
container, just like Apache/mod_jk does.

Am I out of my mind or what?


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