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From Gabe Wong <>
Subject Re: Question about Tomcat/IIS and NTLM authentication
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 22:03:27 GMT
eborisow wrote:
> Gabe Wong wrote:
>> Could be how logging output is setup. The constructor may be created 
>> before output gets redirected elsewhere.
>> Look in the other log files under the logs directory. Also is the realm 
>> configured in server.xml or context.xml?
> Gabe,<br/><br/>
> Here's the thing.  I also added logging (just System.out for right now) to
> the hasRole method and I saw the output from that method.<br/><br/>
> The realm is defined in the server.xml.<br/><br/>
Do you have the following set - tomcatAuthentication="false" in the AJP 
connector in the server.xml

I believe as the user is already authenticated via IIS, the authenticate method is not called
in this situation.
So you may try overriding:
 protected Principal getPrincipal(String username)


Gabe Wong
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