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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject Re: Running Tomcat as Standalone in linux
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2008 17:10:38 GMT
Chris Baty wrote:

> batybase:~# netstat -a | grep 80
> tcp6       0      0 localhost:8005          *:*                     LISTEN
> tcp6       0      0 *:8009                  *:*                     LISTEN
> tcp6       0      0 *:8180                  *:*                     LISTEN

This doesn't show any process listening on tcp port 80. It would be
surprising if accessing Tomcat via port 80 would work at all -
regardless whether the client is running on the local or a remote machine.
Is XInetd running?

BTW: if you're only interested in the apps listening on tcp ports and
don't want numbers to be converted to names, use
netstat -tlpn

> logs are normal.

What logs? What is "normal"?

> How do I add a listening  port?

Add a port to what?

BTW: If you connect via XInetd's redirect feature, from Tomcat's point
of view every connection will come from the machine running XInetd. That
might or might not be an issue for you, but you should be aware of it.
As an alternative, you might want to consider using jsvc, which allows
Tomcat to bind to a privileged port and drop privileges immediately


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