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From Adam Gordon <>
Subject Avoiding same server to server HTTP calls to generate HTML pages via JSPs
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 23:13:07 GMT
Any one know if there exists a JSP writer engine in the Tomcat API that 
allows for the generation of HTML pages via JSP code but without having 
to make server to server HTTP calls?

Right now we basically have a URL dispatcher that when a specific 
request comes in, we make another request to retrieve the contents of a 
URI (a JSP page to generate HTML) via a server-to-server HTTP call and 
then essentially slap that into a MimeBodyPart for sending text/html 
email messages.

It would be nice (and make for much easier unit testing) if we could do 
this purely in Java land without having to make a server-to-server HTTP 
call behind the scenes.  Any one know a way or if this functionality 
even exists?



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