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From Björn Wilmsmann <>
Subject Re: Config file not found in class path when deploying WAR
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 15:02:03 GMT

David Smith work:

> Then I think the path to your common-terms.utf8 probably should be / 
> common-terms.utf8 in the config file.  Otherwise the path spec is  
> relative and it's hard to figure out what it's relative to.  The  
> hadoop class that generates the reader uses  
> Classloader.getResource( path ) so an absolute path isn't absolute  
> on the file system, but absolute in the jars or WEB-INF/classes  
> directory.

I've tried changing the path to  /common-terms.utf8 now.  
Unfortunately, it didn't work either.

Best regards,
Bjoern Wilmsmann

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