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From Günther, Thorsten <>
Subject AW: tomcat connector 1.2.26 with apache httpd 2.2.3
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2008 14:52:58 GMT
Hallo Rainer,

thank you for your fast reply. I guess it's an error in the opensuse 10.2 apache2-devel-2.2.3-22
/usr/include/apache2-prefork/ap_mmn.h and /usr/include/apache2-worker/ap_mmn.h´. The change-logs
included in the files also indicate that they belong to version 2.2.5. Guess I finally need
an account with the opensuse bugzilla. :-) You think it's ok to temporarily alter the MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER_MINOR
to "3" to trick the jk build?

Thorsten Günther
medocino GmbH
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-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Rainer Jung [] 
Gesendet: Dienstag, 15. Januar 2008 13:45
An: Tomcat Users List
Betreff: Re: tomcat connector 1.2.26 with apache httpd 2.2.3

Hallo Günther,

Günther wrote:
> Hi!
> I got a problem running jk 1.2.26 on httpd 2.2.3 and I'm not sure if
> this a setup problem or a bug in jk.
> When compiling jk it says:
> ---
> mod_jk.c: In function âinit_ws_serviceâ:
> mod_jk.c:671: warning: implicit declaration of function
> âap_get_server_descriptionâ
> ---

mod_jk uses the function ap_get_server_description(), if it detects that
the so-called mmn number of httpd is at least 20051115,4. In plain text
this means, if the httpd version is at least 2.2.4, the version that
first included ap_get_server_description(). If the mmn is smaller, it
uses another function, that existed already before.

The provided binaries mostly are compiled against a recent httpd, so
they will not run with older versions (in this case: with a version of
2.2.x older than 2.2.4).

Building it should be no problem though. To find out, why your build
does not work, you first need to find the httpd header file ap_mmn.h,
against which we build. In your top level Makefile, there should be a 
path like

apache_include = -I/my/httpd/install/directory/include

and the file ap_mmn.h is in this directory.

This path we get from


where apxs is the one, you gave to configure via "--with-apxs".

In ap_mmn.h there should be a block like e.g.


We use the new function, if the major number is at least 20051115, and
if it is equal to 20051115 (most likely the case with your file), the
minor needs to be at least "4". For 2.2.3 it should be "3".

If it is bigger than 3, then I suspect, that either your apxs might be 
broken, or does not belong to your httpd 2.2.3 installation.

> When trying to start tomcat with this module installed it complains
> about unknown "ap_get_server_description". jk 1.2.25 compiles and
> runs ok.
> Any hints? Should I file a bug report for this?

Lets first check the above httpd header file, you use for compilation.

> Thanx, regards,
> Thorsten Günther



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