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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: How to kill a (stucked) Tomcat thread
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 13:39:49 GMT

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Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 2:23 PM
Subject: How to kill a (stucked) Tomcat thread

Hi ,all

The system is Tomcat 5.0.28 started as  service, Win2003 .
When I look at http://APPHOST/manager/status
There is a thread that is obviously stucked  - it's TIME column  grows up 
and up - much more than a number written in tomcat/webapp's web.xml.
I know the client who started it , and it's safe to terminate it.

Is there OOTB in Tomcat a way to kill a thread?
Or another manager/webapp/whatever which can make that sort of things - 
killing threads/sessions by force/hand ?
Try this, you may get lucky...

Not knowing exactly what that code is doing, you may get lucky.
But in general if the code has put itself into a perpetual loop, you screwed 
and the machines power switch works... no just kidding, you'll have to 
restart TC ;)

If that code is talking to a mail server, or some other server... then you 
maybe able to knock it out of its coma, by just restarting that server... 
assuming thats not worse than restarting TC.

Sometimes its because something like javamail used directly in the code is 
stuck and cant find its server...
Its noramlly always an indication that the code needs more error checking 
and a better failure mode.
If its just one stuck thread... dont think there is too much harm in just 
leaving it... but if the threads are building, ie every request to that 
webapp is now getting stuck... then you have to restart TC after undeploying 
that webapp, unfortunately... I think it will need a rewrite...

Just wondering if its really stuck... I think eyeball the processor usage as 
I still use sockets the old way... ie TC's standard blocking socket stuff, 
but there have being posts here... think its called NIO or something which 
basically allow the developer to really control that socket async.
I imagine that with keep alives that it could well look like a thread is 
stuck... and it may be a really fancy app just keeping everything open... 
just wondering because if the software was screwed one would expect (I 
think) to see the thread count increasing.... not just one thread 
working.... I think...

You got me wondering if its possible to make that happen with the new TC 
socket stuff.... ie its normal ;)
So, I didntreally help at all.....  ha ha

Have fun...

С уважение, / Best Regards,

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